Serve in our church

Use your unique gifts to help build the Kingdom.

At South Union, we believe in the values of service and ministry. There is a place for everyone to serve either in the church or through the church. Our philosophy is, "teamwork makes the dream work." We want each member to serve as a part of a team whether it's teaching a class or setting up tables and chairs or greeting people at the door.  

The following service teams are available to serve with at SUBC. If you would like to serve, please sign up.

"For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve..."
Mark 10:45

Hospitality Team:

Assist in welcoming and directing people as they enter the parking lot and building for worship and Sunday Morning Bible Study Connection Groups.
This team is made up of greeters, ushers, parking lot attendants, and welcome center attendants.

Team Captain for our ushers and greeters is Dearl Quarles

Transportation Team:

Assist in providing safe and clean vehicles and the transportation of individuals to and/or from church services on Sundays and/or Wednesdays. This team is made up of drivers for Sundays, drivers for Wednesdays, chaperones to assist drivers, and those who clean the vehicles.

Point of contact is Randy Sutton.

GO Team:

Assist the church staff in sharing the gospel and making follow-up visits and encouragement visits.

Team Captain is Chad Thompson.

Set-Up & Tear-Down Team:

Assist in setting up for events (e.g. Church Life Night, church wide events, etc.) by setting up tables, chairs, staging, sweeping floors etc.

Point of contact is Church Secretary.

Maintenance Team:

Assist with maintenance and small construction projects on church properties.

Team Captain is Bruce Shimpock.

Church Grounds/Landscape Team:

Assist with beautifying our church grounds by taking care of the flower beds, church grounds, and the exterior of the church building.

Team Captain of Church Grounds Team is Jim Hamilton.

Bereavement Team:

Provide comfort to church families who have lost a loved one through death and provide meals for families on the day of a funeral.

Team Captain is Kim Fowler.

Worship Team:

Assist in leading joyful worship for the people of God to be nurtured, sustained, and empowered by God's word and to act as Jesus' disciples in the world.

Team Captian is Randy Sutton.

Children’s Ministry Team:

Ensure that the children of SUBC know the love of God through Christ through ministries that are engaging, nourishing, safe and fun. Opportunities for service include nursery, children's church, Sunday School, vacation bible school, Club252 ,Studio101, children' s choir, etc.

Team Captain is Randy Sutton.

Bridge Events Team

Assist the church staff in organizing and serving events that reach out to the community such as our Harvest Festival, community fireworks celebration, etc.

Point of contact is Church staff.

Clean-Up Team:

Assist in cleaning up following church events (e.g. Church Life Night, church wide events, etc.). Tasks include cleaning kitchen, taking out trash, etc.

Point of contact is Church Secretary.

Media Team:

Assist in operating the sound/video systems relating to worship services, student ministry, and children's ministry.

Team Captain is Randy Sutton.

Adult Small Group:

Minister by teaching or co-teaching adult Sunday school class or leading/facilitating adult small group.

Point of contact is Church staff.

Student Ministry Team:

Assist in implementing a program for Junior High and High School Students and supervise activities to help promote spiritual growth and to reach the lost.

Team Captain is Tyler Evatt.

Safety Team:

Assist in providing security for church plant during weekly worship services.

Team Captain is Cole Pilgrim.

Yearbook Team:

Assist in recording the life of the church through photos and video that will be compiled in a yearbook annually.

Team Captain is Randy Sutton.

Baptistry Team:

Assist in the baptism celebration service.

Team Captain is Brandon Darden.

Questions about volunteering?

We love to clarify volunteering requirements. Please reach out if you still have questions.